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Asset Optimisation offer the following key services; aimed at assisting you with your CORe Maintenance Organisation activities.




As any sports team needs a coach to help them improve and work better as a team, so does your maintenance organisation.

As Specialist Maintenance Planning and Reliability Coach, Asset Optimisation will assist your team in understanding their reliability and maintenance drivers, then coach them to develop strategies to fulfil these.



If you are a Professional involved with Maintenance Planning or Execution work, or you are involved with the Reliability processes within your team, you can do with a coach.

Have your business recently undergone a restructuring, or have a need to improve your Maintenance Planning and Execution due to market pressures? Then you can do with a coach.

Are you a Reliability professional leading a team of Reliability Engineers, but your plant’s reliability seems to suffer? Then you can do with a coach.

Do you have old habits and outdated results in your maintenance? You can definitely do with a coach.
If any of the above are relevant to your situation, contact us for an obligation free clarity conversation.


Asset Optimisation has built a reputation in assisting businesses to optimise their operations. We review your current operation, taking into account your business plan, risk tolerance, financial position and market drivers.

One of the biggest ‘costs’ to any business is the execution of major shutdowns. During this time, there is normally no income generated and a major outflow of cash. Optimising your shutdowns, can be a major risk reduction, as well as a cost saving potential.


Improving reliability of any system, process or plant, is more than just employing a Reliability Engineer. Reliability is defined and affected by the daily, weekly and monthly habits of your organisation. These habits will ultimately drive the reliability result. If you are not deliberate about your reliability habits, chances are your plant will have erratic reliability.

If you would like to stabilise your plant reliability, contact Asset Optimisation to assist you in delivering stable Reliability results in a sustainable manner.

e - eRCA (Effective Root Cause Analysis)

Asset Optimisation has created its own effective RCA (eRCA) process that is scalable to any organisation. We train your personnel in the use of this process, and can tailor made our solution to fit your business.

Asset Optimisation also offers our eRCA solution as a service option. If you had a failure in your plant and are trying to better understand the failure and how to prevent a re-occurrence, then give us a call. We can conduct an eRCA on your behalf and will assist you in developing effective solutions to prevent a re-occurrence of the failure. This is usually done on a fixed price basis – so you know your expenditure upfront.


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