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Asset Optimisation was established to provide Maintenance Planning and Reliability Coaching, to organisations in Australia and beyond. 

Maintenance and Reliability differs between operations depending on their maturity, profitability, risk tolerance and future commitments. Asset Optimisation rejects the position held by larger industry advisers suggesting that there is only one way to address maintenance and reliability. In fact, Asset Optimisation embraces the diversity of not only the challenges its clients face but also the diversity of solutions that best suit the client and their circumstances.

Asset Optimisation specialises in assisting your maintenance organisation to develop tailor made solutions that balances your risk tolerance, your budget and your operational requirements. However, we also pride ourselves on being honest and advising you on realistic outcomes and what can and cannot be achieved.

Asset Optimisation has developed its own effective Root Cause Analysis (eRCA) and effective Five Why (e5Y) process, to assist our clients in improving their Reliability in a sustainable manner.

Derick Martins



The passion for maintenance and reliability has been alive for Derick Martins from a very young age. Analysing the effect of the typical maintenance activities and always pushing a little harder. From his 50cc two stroke motor bike in the early days to understanding the underlying drivers of the labour hire market at a national level in Australia.

Optimising has always been the key, while coaching teams to better understand their drivers and how to optimise their respective processes to deliver a better sustainable result with less effort and less unknowns. 


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